What is a Poet Artist?

What is a poet-artist?

I am a poet-artist. I write poems to give dimension and clarity to my fantasy nature art as well as making it thought provoking and memorable. At the same time, my art gives substance to my poetry.

What is fantasy nature art?

The way I interpret fantasy nature art is twofold. First, I draw everything from my imagination without any reference pictures at hand, hence the fantasy. My style of art is influenced by the harmonious lines of nature. Living on the west coast of Canada there is an abundance of natural beauty at my doorstep to enjoy and observe. The colours are earth-toned with lots of blues and greens; sometimes bright, sometimes muted. I like to use various materials such as watercolours, pencils, gouache, acrylic, and pens of all types.

Take a look at “Casper” below you will see an imaginary fish with a scarf-like fin and a large claw it uses to attach itself to the ocean floor.

giant claw
bottom of the ocean floor
as currents
ebb and flow
all around
scarf fin unravels
hot air bubbles rise
ready for lunch

casper fish poetry








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