Trees for Life Charity Exhibition


Here is one of three art pieces that I submitted for the “Trees for Life Charity Exhibition” which is a charity art show to save and restore the remains of the Caledonian Forest in Scotland.

Artists from around the world have given their time to this cause and you can purchase any of the original artwork online.  Go have a look for yourself and preview the show to be held at the Drill Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland, from November 1st to 13th, 2011.

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Walking the Dog

Dog Walker

Charlie will choose the route, you just follow him, he’ll take you to the places he wants to see, he’ll stop at his favourite tree, and then he will want to smell the grass and flowers too, don’t rush him,  and when he’s thinking he doesn’t like anyone to pull on his leash!

You will know when Charlie has finished and its time to carry on because he’ll turn and give you a look and a stare and that means it’s okay to move on, but if he sits and lifts his paw then that means its time for his  treat!

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