Garden Hands Poetry

Garden Hands Poetry
Garden Hands Poetry

fiesta of colours
spill across pages
calendula, gaillardia
helenium and gilia
mesclun blends for mild spring beds
grey black clouds
release torrential rain
back to butterfly

bumble bee and edible flower blends

Edible Flowers

I was inspired to write Garden Hands Poetry this week because it is already time to work in the garden! That is thanks to the wind storm last month. Now with some trees gone there are new spots to plant edible flowers for early spring. I was looking at the the top two garden trends for 2019 and pollinator-friendly plants and edible flower blends have expanded this year. So hey, why not add some tasty and beautiful edible flowers to eat in salads or add to some pasta dishes.

You may want to pick edible flowers in the morning when they have the most water content and then keep them in damp tea towels in a container in the fridge until you are ready to make a dish. If you keep your edible flowers longer than a few days they can wilt. To revive your edible flowers just float them in ice water for a minute. Then add them to your salad or cooking.

Monarda (beebalm) flowers can be added to cakes, drinks and salads. It’s also easy to grow and will attract pollinators like bees, and butterflies so that would be a great one to grow. Another overlooked edible flower is the dandelion. The entire dandelion plant is edible including the root. When dandelion flowers are unopened they’re surprisingly sweet, almost like honey. Garlic flowers can be used for a mild garlic zing. Sorrel flowers can be used for sauces or in salads. Depending on the sun and the soil I’ll see what happens this spring.

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